About Us


A congregation, for Jesus Christ, on the busiest highway known to man; the internet, Church, the body of Jesus Christ our Lord, you and me; created in the name of Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit of God our Creator.

To teach TRUTH and LOVE, in the name of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit of truth in you as purposed by God, your creator.

Everything in the universe belongs to God, including you. We are all sharing His resources, His Love and His truth, the Holy Spirit inside us, our redeemer Jesus Christ, God almighty, Abba Father. This is our business in Him, to share and care in Love for His glory.

Do you need a break, do you need to address something in your life? Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. STOP!!! and PRAY!!!. To God. This is the Highway to God; PRAYER, This is His service station, his place of REST. all you need to do is STOP and PRAY. Join us, write down your prayer and BELIEVE. GOD IS GREAT! AMEN.

General information
LOVE:- Do you understand LOVE, do you know LOVE, do you have LOVE, do you LOVE your neighbor, why should you? The answer is as follows; “No one has seen God, ever. BUT IF WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER, GOD DWELLS DEEPLY WITHIN US, and his love becomes complete in us–perfect love!” Allow God deep inside of you, only in a mutual two-way relationship, God is LOVE. Hallelujah, Amen.