Dear brother Ampie, I take this opportunity to thank the Lord who has joined us together to make us friends and I have much believe in me that we have come together to accomplish a goal and work together in the ministry of Christ our Lord.

Am known by the names Mugeni Daniel, I was born on 27th/07/ 1979, a Ugandan by nationality, born in eastern region of Uganda in Busia district, bordering Uganda and Kenya. By tribe, am a Samia and my native language is Lusamia. I can speak and write English and speak little of Swahili language.

My parents were not born-again. My father was a protestant while my mother was a catholic. The father to my father (grandfather) was a witch doctor who died in 1979 when I was just three months old. Before his death, he had named me after himself and appointed me to inherit his spirits.

In 1984, my father married two more women and he started mistreating my mother so they had to separate. By the time my father separated with my mother we were two children, I and my sister. When our mother went way with us to their home village in Busia, she left us there and got another man. So we were left in the hands of our grandfather, uncles and aunts who really who showed us discrimination, harassment, tortured us and exposed us to hard labor.

When I was 8 years old my mother’s elder brother took me to live with him in Nairobi Kenya but while there he mistreated and tortured me a lot and used to lock me outside the house the whole day and the girl I used to share bed with could urinate on the bed but instead uncle beat me every morning and not given food but always I picked food dumped in garbage places. Life for me in his hands was full of suffering I wore only one cloth for a year without changing until parasites called lice had to enter those clothes and my body started itching too much and those parasites were sucking blood in my body I became so thin, suffering was too much, yet I did not know where my mother was or my sister.

In 1989, my father came looking for us. He took me and my sister to live with  him in  Kampala.                                                                                                                             In 1990, I became mad. He rushed me to a witch who told him that the spirits of my late grandfather wants me to become a witch and by that time I had started school I was in grade 3.

But inside me I had feelings for the Lord. I used to go to Sunday school in the protestant church and each time I went there to pray I felt very good refreshment within my spirit and that made me to desire to know the Lord.

In 1992, there came a gospel crusade near our home. Behind our home there was a playground and I used to enjoy playing football. On the fifth day of the crusade I was busy playing football with other children of my age not minding about the word being preached but when I heard the preacher calling for those who want to give their lives to Christ, I found myself running there to join the group and I gave my life to Christ, that is how I became born-again.

When my father heard that I had become born-again, he became so angry with me for his desire was that I become a witch to succeed his late father who was called Sanya Martin Daniel and all these names were given unto me. I chose to abandoned other names and go with Daniel because I had read about Daniel in the bible so I loved him because of his love for God and I used to pray three times like him each day when I was young that was when i had received Christ as my Lord. In our family and clan I was the first to become born-again.

I joined the born-again church and from time I was converted, I developed the zeal to serve the Lord and I went around the community and in drinking places in Kampala preaching the good news of Christ.

My studies were affected when my father’s job ended in 1994 immediately after I had finished my primary level. I did not give up to studies and serving the Lord. I struggled until I finished my Advanced Level and I could not join university of institute for further education because of shortage of funds.

Back from 1995, my life was a life full of misery. I had left Kampala  to live with my mother in Busia who was  a head-teacher but she never helped me at all. She used her salary to booze with men.

In 1996, one of his brothers could mistreat me and my sister, he even attacked me one evening to beat me and he ended by burning all my clothes and books and dug a hall buried the ash and made some rituals on that hall that all my life be buried. They never liked me because I was bright and they believed that I will take the blessings of their children and their children would serve me. I suffered so much to an extent that I could not be given food, I remember on the 25th December 1997 I went hungry yet they had cooked too much food and every one and their children ate but only me I was left out for they said that the food they give to me, they rather give it to a dog and another one in that family the wife to one of my uncles said my food I rather throw it to garbage but I can’t give him. I was rejected wherever I went from my childhood for rejection was upon me. But through all those afflictions, I remained trusting in the Lord for I loved the Lord so much He was my strength and hope and I was always active in church activities in the praise and worship team. In 1998, I went back to Kampala so that I could find a job to do and help myself.

From my childhood I was a stammerer. No one even desired to give me work because I could not talk well and besides that I had suffered from chest problems for ten years, yet no one was coming to help me even when I was still with my father he never took me for treatment his wife stopped him. He did not love me, his wives did not love me and my father used to beat me up with blows on my head like he was his fellow man. He hate he had towards our mother was now exercised on us. His wives did not like me because I was bright in class.

In the year 2000, my father together with his elder son tried to pluck out my right eye. Life was tough for me I could go around washing clothes for people. I later got a job to work as a house maid. I did not know that my master’s wife developed feelings for me and one day she wanted to have sex with me. But because God’s fear was within me, I refused and from that day I knew things would be bad for me I chose to go away from that home. In 2001, I again left Kampala and returned to Busia because in Kampala my father’s elder brother had evil and wicked thoughts to destroy my future.

Time came when I was disgusted of myself and i spoke to myself saying that although people have let me down and disowned me, yet there remains one and He is God the creator of me and everything I see. Now let me seek Him and if He does not help me them I should ask Him to take away my life. I went to a church called Eagles Nest Church in Busia town.                                While in the church, my prayer ever was God I want to see you and talk with you. In 2003 in the month of September, it was at 3:00am we were many desperate people who were praying in that church every night and I happened to be their prayer leader and teacher of the word. The Lord of glory appeared to me in a vision and touched me. The Lord touched me and delivered me to speak and healed me from the 10 years sickness of the chest where I could spit blood and a bad smell used to come out of me I had no one to help me. I spent four years in that church sleeping on a wooden bench I had nowhere to sleep and I used to take shower in the church latrine.

After the Lord confirming His call to me, I started to move long journeys in far villages on foot preaching God’s word and to nearby towns in Kenya.

My father died in 2006 but he had also given his life to Christ.

Since 2004 am in a full time evangelism ministry.

In 2010, the Lord told me to leave Busia district and go to a Muslim dominated district called Iganga to start a church there. By that time I was an associate pastor in Pentecostal Assemblies of God (P.A.G) Nangulu, Busia district.

I came to Iganga town and the Lord told me to start a church called Grace Harvest Church. We are an independent church. I mean we don’t have any organization that we are under at the moment or affiliated with but we are praying to God for such an opportunity of affiliation or partnership with an organization that will open room for us to be part of them and be a support to us because much is needed to do for the kingdom of God here in the community and region where we are.

Am married to Aidda and we have one daughter called Peace. We also live together with some orphaned, rejected and abandoned needy children. We have a project to help the vulnerable called REACH THE VULNERABLE MINISTRIES (REV-MINISTRIES). For the Lord has given us that call as well because of what we have gone through in life.

I move several places in Uganda and some countries here in great lakes region like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and south Sudan to preach Christ who is alive!!!

May the blessings of the Lord be upon you in Jesus Christ. Amen.


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