Ampie (My Testimony)


TESTIMONY (Ampie Ehlers)

I want to SHOUT OUT from the rooftops, from the mountains, the alleys and the valleys, all around the world, I want to praise God, share His Holy name. There is NOT enough known words to describe the thankfulness in me, the total AWE and amazement of His healing POWER and His GRACE. …..



From sunshine to darkness in an instant, on 15th of March 2013, through a freak accident, I said to You, calmly, “Lord, You are in control, there is NOTHING I can do” taking my hands off the steering wheel, without being afraid at all.





Your first words to me, as I opened my eyes was, “do NOT worry, YOU are IN My hands” and with that assurance I slipped into darkness again, but this time with the satisfaction of knowing that You are the TRUTH, and Your promise is guaranteed.




Accident3The next seventeen days I was plunged into darkness numerous times, WITH Satan trying to steal Your servant from You. Every time you brought me back to light and confirmed Your promise to me. On the eighteenth day Your Healing POWER came to light and surprised everybody with the progress of a helpless servant, You made them realise that there is a higher miraculous POWER at work.





On the 15th of May I gave my first steps without support, unsure in footing but SO confident in my FAITH, Lord You are amazingly marvellous to me, I can NOT thank you enough. May I also thank everybody who stood with me in prayer, all of His People Faith City, family, friends and strangers, even the local radio station, unified before God in prayer through Faith for me, what an absolute honour. My beautiful wife, her determination and faith, my son, Liaan, a special gift from God, THANK YOU!



Beginning of July 2013, healthy, but not totally healed. In the meantime I will continue with “Stop and Pray”
( ministry on the internet, the only medium to reach all the nations instantly, for the GLORY of God. You are also invited to look at the relative success story of my face book page called “Stop and Pray”
( ) in the name of the Lord, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Once again THANK YOU MY GOD! AMEN AND AMEN!

STOP and PRAY book available at
( )



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